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To kick off CES 2019, 1More is discounting its noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones

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For two days only

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1More Bluetooth headphones Image: 1More

1More is offering a $20 discount on its foldable Bluetooth headphones exclusively to readers of The Verge in celebration of CES 2019. Specifically, this sale applies to the company’s in-ear neckband model that boasts active noise cancellation and earpieces built with dual drivers (one dynamic and one balanced armature driver) for more accurate sound presentation, bringing their price down to $129.99.

Compared to other wireless headphones in this price range, 1More’s discounted model has a few things going for it. Should you run out of battery, it uses a USB-C charging port that can also output audio via the included Type C to 3.5mm cable. And while neckband headphones are usually rigidly designed, 1More’s can flex and be folded to fit practically anywhere. The sale lasts until January 9th.

Image: 1More

To take advantage of this discount, head over to 1More and add the dual driver Bluetooth headphones to your cart. The code should automatically apply in checkout, but if it doesn’t, just copy in the offer code VERGE20 for the $20 discount.