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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now comes with six months of Spotify Premium

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now comes with six months of Spotify Premium


You can start for as little as $1

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Microsoft has started a special promo for new subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, its all-in-one service that combines Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for both console and PC. If you sign up, you’ll get six months of Spotify Premium ad-free music streaming as a complimentary bonus along with the subscription.

Microsoft has been pretty tight with Spotify in recent years, replacing its defunct Groove Music app with Spotify as the default music player on Windows 10. For Xbox One players, the Spotify app lets you listen to music in the background of your games, so it’s a good fit on console as well.

There are a few catches to keep in mind before you leap at this deal: it’s only available for new Game Pass subscribers (not current or lapsing members), and to be eligible for the free six-month Spotify Premium trial, Spotify’s legal terms for the promotion say that, unfortunately, you can’t take part if you’ve ever subscribed to Spotify’s Premium service or have used a free trial before.

If you’re part of the subset of people who are still eligible to take advantage of this promotion, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a fantastic value that’s made even better with free Spotify. It normally costs $14.99 per month, but you can pay $1 for a month or $2 for two months. Microsoft says that you’ll receive a code to redeem your Spotify Premium trial no more than 10 days after you begin your subscription.

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