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Control, one of the best games of 2019, is back down to $25 at GameStop today

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You owe it to yourself

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Control Image: Remedy Entertainment

Control is a stylish, cerebral, and just plain fun third-person shooter in which you gain telekinetic powers. If you like good games, it’s easy enough to recommend it at its full cost, but I don’t have to do that today since it’s just $25 at GameStop. This deal is for today only, and it applies to both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game; the PC version is an Epic Game Store exclusive.

This price matches a deal we saw during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so now is your chance to get the game if you missed out before. GameStop’s deal is available in its stores around the country as well as online.

My colleague Andrew Webster reviewed Control earlier this year, calling it “an excellent supernatural thriller with hints of Metroid”. Here’s another bit that sums it up nicely:

It’s what would happen if you mixed the X-Files with a Jeff VanderMeer novel and then structured the whole thing as an open-world video game like Breath of the Wild.