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Status Audio’s BT One wireless headphones are 40 percent off for readers of The Verge

Status Audio’s BT One wireless headphones are 40 percent off for readers of The Verge


Including half off of two other wireless earphones

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Wireless headphones are a game-changer, but they’re also often pricey. That’s why it’s a good idea to take advantage of any discounts when the opportunities arise — like right now.

Status is offering exclusive deals on three models of wireless headphones to readers of The Verge. All three sets are easy to use, and you can pair them to your Bluetooth-compatible devices quickly and conveniently. Each of them allow for two concurrent connections, so you can switch smoothly between listening to audio from your phone and listening from your laptop.

The Status Audio BT One over-ear headphones are 40 percent off at Amazon when you apply the code THEVERGE40 at checkout. That brings the price down from $98 to $57.82 (before tax). We found that they’re comfortable, have strong Bluetooth connectivity, charge via USB-C, and boast great, clear sound quality.

There’s also a deal on the company’s BT Structure wireless earphones. You can get these for half off by entering the code THEVERGE50 at checkout. That brings the price down to $39.50. These earphones are designed for running or hitting the gym, as they hang around your ear to stay in place.

These have about the same sound quality as the Apple EarPods — decent sound, but not heavy in bass — so if you’re looking for an affordable, wireless alternative, these are worth a try. Also, they come with different sized tips so you can switch them out to get the right fit.

Status Audio’s BT Transfer are also 50 percent off with the code THEVERGE50, and end up a little cheaper than the BT Structure, totaling $34.50. These are similar to the BT Structure in almost every way, but might be worth it if you don’t need the ear clip for working out.

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