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    The original Apple Pencil is down to $80

    The original Apple Pencil is down to $80


    A rare discount on a useful tool

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    The Apple Pencil that works with the sixth-generation iPad, as well as iPad Pro models released prior to 2018, is $20 off of its usual $99 price tag at Amazon, per MacRumors. At $79.88, it’s a more affordable purchase if you’ve been wanting to use your iPad to jot down notes or practice drawing.

    Compared to more affordable styluses for the iPad, like Logitech’s Crayon, the Apple Pencil offers pressure and tilt sensitivity, which makes it the better choice for those who want to get creative with it. If you want to know more about what the Apple Pencil is capable of, The Verge’s resident comics artist Dami Lee put each of these devices to the test.

    The Apple Pencil 2 released alongside the 2018 iPad Pros handles charging in a more elegant way: wirelessly by magnetically attaching to the side of the iPad Pro, instead of plugging into a port. However, the $129 accessory will only operate on the newer models, while today’s discounted Apple Pencil is geared toward older devices.