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Xbox One gamepads are $20 off, and make for great Switch controllers, too

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Thanks to an 8BitDo adapter

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Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers are $37.17 at Walmart and Amazon. That’s more than $20 off their regular price, and just a few dollars shy of the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Better still, this discount is for the newer model that can also connect to non-Xbox devices via Bluetooth, and has a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.

That’s a good deal if you’re in need of a new controller for your Xbox One, and it’s a smart investment if you game on other platforms, too. For instance, Epic recently added Xbox One controller support for Fortnite on Android phones and tablets. If your PC has Bluetooth, you can sync it up to game with this Xbox gamepad. And even if it lacks Bluetooth, we might recommend this cheap 8BitDo Bluetooth adapter, which can make the Xbox One controller work on your Nintendo Switch as well. Just note that 8BitDo’s product page says that you’ll first need to update the adapter’s firmware before you connect the Xbox One controller to a Switch console.

Updated at 12:07PM ET, February 6th, 2019: This deal is over, for the time being, at both Walmart and Amazon. That said, you can still get a controller at either retailer ($50 at Amazon, $44 at Walmart) for less than the $59.99 price.