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Speed up your computer with this discounted 1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD

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An upgrade that will make all the difference

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Not all solid-state drives are created equal, and Samsung’s 860 Evo SSDs are held in high regard among gamers (and non-gamers, too) for their reliability and fast read / write speeds. Perks like these usually put Samsung’s SSDs at a higher cost than products from competitors like SanDisk, Crucial, and others, but the 1TB 860 Evo SSD is slightly discounted today at Amazon. You can get the 1TB model for $147.99.

To put that price in context, we saw this SSD go as low as $129.99 during Black Friday, but frankly, anything below its regular asking price is a deal if you’re looking to speed up your computer. This particular model debuted in early 2018 for $320, and its price has steadied around $160 outside of any deals, according to price tracking data from Keepa.

This solid-state drive has a five-year warranty from Samsung, and it’s compatible with virtually all Windows, macOS, and Linux builds.