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Save money on the high-end Pixelbook, Samsung SSDs, and more today

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Plus, the HomePod is still $70 off

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Today’s deals, so far at least, cater toward those looking for a deal on a high-end Pixelbook, or those looking to speed up their computers with a discounted SSD from Samsung. Some of the best Nintendo Switch games are cheaper today, too. We’ll keep adding deals as we see them.

The most expensive configuration of Google’s Pixelbook is about $450 off at Amazon. Usually $1,649, it’s now $1,192.98. In the review for the newer Pixel Slate, The Verge’s Dieter Bohn sided with the Pixelbook instead, writing, “Sure, it has last year’s processor and you can’t detach the keyboard, but I’ve found it to be stabler and simpler. It also weighs a quarter pound less than the Slate with the keyboard attached. I still love my Pixelbook, and I’m sticking with it.”

Next up, Samsung’s popular 860 Evo solid state drive is cheaper today on Amazon. Commonly available for around $160 since the new year, prices for the 1TB model have dropped to $147.99. This isn’t the biggest price reduction ever (it was $129.99 during Black Friday), but this is probably as cheap as this SSD will get anytime soon.