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Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers are $100 off today

Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers are $100 off today


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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Eero is taking $100 off of its Home Wi-Fi systems today at Amazon (which is coincidentally buying the router company) until 2:59AM ET / 11:59PM PT. This discount’s good for a $199 Home Wi-Fi system (usually $299; includes one Eero router and one Eero beacon), a $299 Home Wi-Fi system (usually $399; consists of one Eero router and two Eero beacons), or a $399 version that includes three Eero routers (usually $499.)

If you’re unsure which one suits your living space, the more expensive version will probably yield better results if you want your fancy new blanket of mesh Wi-Fi to cover a lot of space, and want to minimize the likelihood of a signal drop-out, though the more affordable options should suit smaller living spaces just fine. (If your space is truly small, a single traditional Wi-Fi router is still more cost-effective than mesh Wi-Fi.) The reason you’d pick the most expensive version — with routers instead of beacons — is if you’re looking to have the most bandwidth.

In our review, my colleague Dan Seifert spent time with the cheaper bundle and still came away impressed, saying “in my own four-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot home, the new Eero performs just as well as the prior version, blanketing my home with a Wi-Fi signal and allowing me to utilize my 200Mbps cable internet service to its fullest.”

Mind you, Dan noted that Eero’s performance isn’t necessarily better than the competition, namely Netgear’s Orbi and the Linksys Velop, but the Eero is more compact than most, and being able to power the routers via USB-C always gets a nod for simplicity.