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Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo can charge your iPhone and AirPods for $64.50

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You can stop waiting for AirPower now

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Apple has cancelled its AirPower wireless charging mat, but if you were hoping to buy it so you could charge your iPhone and new AirPods simultaneously, don’t fret: Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo can do that for $64.50 at Amazon.

Samsung’s dual wireless charger hit the market at $119 alongside the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It launched a newer version of the Wireless Charger Duo following the launch of the Galaxy S10, but its 2018 model is far less expensive. Another thing to note is that, while we’ve seen this charger go for less during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is a good price to jump on.

With the exception of the Apple Watch, Samsung’s dual wireless charger is able to charge any iPhone with Qi charging support, as well as the new AirPods and the standalone wireless charging case. Sure, it can’t charge three devices at a time, like Apple’s AirPower was said to be able to do, but then again, this option is affordable and, hey, it’s actually available.