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Vizio’s P-Series 4K HDR TV is $100 off, and PC accessories are cheaper today

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Savings ahead of Tax Day in the US

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I’m reluctant to say that there’s something for everyone in today’s roundup, but it does include several product categories, from PC components, phones, and wearables to TVs and connected home tech.

Best Buy has several TVs for less than their usual prices as part of its Tax Day sale. If you’re looking to save money on a big 4K HDR smart television, this is a good time take the plunge, what with March Madness coming soon. Toshiba’s 50-inch 4K HDR TV with Amazon Fire TV hardware and software built-in is $329.99 (usually $379.99). If the Roku experience is more to your liking, Sharp’s 50-inch 4K HDR Roku TV is the same price.

If you have your eye on more premium TV options with features like local dimming zones and AirPlay 2 support, Vizio’s 65-inch P-Series is $100 off at Walmart and Best Buy.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

You have until March 8th to preorder the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup of phones and the Samsung Galaxy Active smartwatch. If you order before then, you’ll be eligible for a free gift: a $130 Samsung gift card with purchase of the S10 or S10 Plus, or a fast wireless charger when you buy the Galaxy Active wearable. Keep in mind that once you order, you’ll need to redeem the gift in the Shop Samsung app.

Newegg is bundling Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 RAM (two 8GB, 3,000MHz, 288-pin sticks) with a 512GB M.2 SSD from Intel for $159.99 (usually $207.98).

Image: HyperX

If you’re looking for more PC components and accessories, you’ll find several products from HyperX discounted at Amazon today. The highlight of the deal might just be the HyperX Cloud Flight pictured above, a $99 wireless gaming headset that impressed Verge editor Nick Statt during a hands-on look when it released last year.

The Xiaomi smart Mi Bedside Lamp is $44.99 at Walmart, and it’s a relatively cheap way to add some light to your room. It has adjustable light temperatures, and can be tweaked to emit practically any color that you want. It’s compatible with Google Assistant, too, so you can control it with voice commands if you’re across the house.