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Zotac’s RTX 2080 AMP is back at its cheapest price for Verge readers

Zotac’s RTX 2080 AMP is back at its cheapest price for Verge readers


Nvidia’s high-end ray-tracing card comes with three games

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Update April 2nd, 2:52PM ET: B&H Photo has brought this exclusive back, and it’s once again offering readers of The Verge a good discount on the RTX 2080 card, along with three free games. This offer will expire at 11:59PM ET on Thursday, April 4th.

Zotac’s RTX 2080 AMP graphics card is $659 at B&H Photo once again for readers of The Verge. Previously priced at $739 at B&H Photo and direct through Zotac, this matches the biggest price drop that we’ve seen for this particular model.

There a few RTX 2080 models from other manufacturers that can be found for $699, but Zotac’s AMP card stands out at that price with three fans, which will be put to good use if you overclock. This model can be safely overclocked to a higher clock speed (1,830MHz versus 1,800MHz in the $799 Founders’ Edition version of the GPU) for better performance.

If you want smooth frame rates on a 4K display, the higher-end $1,199 RTX 2080 Ti is the best choice, but the RTX 2080 finds its sweet spot on a 1440p monitor. In our review of the card, we said: “If you’re planning to game at 1440p and don’t intend to upgrade to 4K anytime soon, the RTX 2080 hits the right balance of price and performance.”

Image: Zotac

If you’re willing to overclock the GPU, you’ll outpace the more expensive Founders’ Edition card, which was the test subject in the review. Though, even without overclocking, it should stand up to even the most demanding games for the next few years — even if ray tracing doesn’t take off.

There’s another good reason to take the plunge during this deal period: you’ll get three games with the purchase: Metro: Exodus, Anthem, and Battlefield V. Before you buy, make sure that your power supply unit is at least 650W, or else you’ll probably run into some issues with games crashing, or worse, some potentially hazardous hardware issues may arise.