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SanDisk’s high-capacity microSD cards cost less at Amazon and B&H Photo

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More storage for less cash

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Amazon has discounted several SanDisk-branded storage products today, and B&H Photo is matching those prices. Today’s sale is a good opportunity to expand the storage in your DSLR camera, smartphone, GoPro, and other devices. It’s particularly good for people who are looking to save on fast storage for a Nintendo Switch.

Prices for microSD cards have been falling steadily in the past year. A handful of months ago, you were lucky to find a 400GB microSD card for less than $100, but now you can easily find one for around $70. As a result, cards that offer less storage are cheaper, too.

  • SanDisk’s Ultra microSD card with 256GB of storage is $30.99 (usually around $40). This is the lowest price yet at Amazon and B&H Photo.
  • SanDisk Ultra microSD card with 400GB of storage is $69.13 at Amazon and $69.99 at B&H Photo (usually around $80). This is about $7 more than the cheapest price recorded.

We usually find cut-rate prices on the SanDisk Ultra microSD cards (like the ones above), but the SanDisk Extreme is a step up when it comes to read and write speeds. It’s an upgrade that may not make a world of difference compared to the Ultra when you’re using it with a Nintendo Switch. However, if you shoot 4K footage using your phone or GoPro, you’ll want an Extreme-branded card. Here are a few deals.

  • SanDisk’s Extreme microSD card with 128GB of storage is $21.98 at Amazon and B&H Photo (usually around $30).
  • SanDisk Extreme microSD card with 400GB of storage is $85.99 at both Amazon and B&H Photo (usually around $110). This is its lowest price yet.

If you want to upgrade the storage in an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, Microsoft doesn’t make it very easy. We found that after trying to clone and swap internal hard drives ourselves, buying a preformatted external hard drive is the easier way to go.