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Refurbished Google Pixel 3s and Pixel 3 XLs are cheaper than ever for Verge readers

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Take up to $380 off of the retail price

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Update April 5th, 9:28AM ET: Daily Steals has sold out of 64GB Pixel 3 XL phones, but it is offering a good deal on the 128GB refurbished model until 11:59PM ET on Sunday, April 7th. At $579.99, doubling the storage costs only $65 more than the sold-out 64GB version. Additionally, Daily Steals now has all colors of the refurbished 64GB Pixel 3 available, in case you wanted something other than the black version.

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL models are among the best phones you can buy if you want to take great pictures. Usually priced starting at $799 for a brand-new phone, you can now save hundreds on a refurbished model, thanks to this exclusive deal from Daily Steals.

The Pixel 3 with 64GB of storage will only cost $462.99 with the offer code THEVERGE3 (usually $799.99). You can pick between black, white, or pink. If you want a bigger phone that has more screen real estate, the Pixel 3 XL in black with 128GB of storage is $569.99 with the offer code THEVERGE3XL128 (usually $999.99). The respective discounts will apply automatically at checkout, but in case you flip-flop on the phone you want, you’ll need to paste in the other code.

While these are refurbished models, Daily Steals rates them as “Grade A,” meaning that they have “little to no cosmetic defects.” You’ll receive the phone, USB-C cable, and charger, but the original box and manuals won’t be included. Daily Steals offers a 90-day warranty on this purchase, though it notes that since these phones were released in October 2018, you’ll still be covered by Google until October 2019 if your purchase experiences manufacturer defects.

Both phones are the Verizon models, but you can still activate it on your carrier. Promptly after the Pixel 3’s launch, Verizon allowed the phone to be unlocked for use with all GSM and CDMA carriers.

According to our review, there’s more to this year’s phones than just their excellent cameras. Dieter Bohn refers to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL as “S-year upgrades,” and he provides a good argument about why it’s smart to consider this phone instead of trying to save a bit more money on the Pixel 2 (which is about to become harder to find) or waiting for what’s to come from Google in late 2019.

Here’s Dieter:

A lot of people sleep on S-year upgrades, finding them boring. But I think that’s a mistake with the iPhone and a mistake here. It’s better to be on the S-cycle: you get a faster phone, better camera, and the fixes that come after a year with the original design. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are huge improvements on last year’s phones in almost every appreciable way.

This exclusive offer will end at 11:59PM ET on Sunday, April 7th.