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A two-pack of Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers is $25 off for Verge readers

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These trackers make it easy to find lost belongings

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A two-pack of Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers usually costs $70, but Daily Steals is offering Verge readers a $25 discount. This brings the price at checkout down to $44.99. The offer code will automatically apply if you click the link, but if you run into trouble, paste VERGETILE in at checkout.

Tile claims that the Pro is its most durable Bluetooth tracker yet, and unlike older models, it has replaceable batteries so you’ll be able to swap it out instead of trashing the whole tracker. A Bluetooth tracker isn’t the most fun tech upgrade, and ideally, you won’t need to rely on one often. But these trackers are worth the price since they’re super helpful when you’ve lost something, be it the keys that the Tile is attached to, or the bag you’ve slid one into. If you misplace your phone at home, you can also tap the button on the Tile tracker with which it’s synced to remotely make the phone ring.


Daily Steals is also offering discounts on a few other Tile multipacks, as well. The Tile Sport, like the Pro, is a durable tracker. Readers of The Verge can get a two-pack of these for $30.99, down from $40.99. These don’t offer replaceable batteries, and have since been discontinued in favor of the Pro, but this is nevertheless a low price to pay for two of Tile’s ruggedized trackers.

Tile’s previous generation of Mate trackers don’t support replaceable batteries, either, but if that’s no issue for you, a four-pack is an especially good value at $44.99, down from its usual $54.99 price.