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The Google Home Hub is almost half off today

The Google Home Hub is almost half off today


The best deal that we’ve seen yet — by far

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Google’s Home Hub smart display usually costs $149, but Rakuten is where you’ll be able to find it for far less. The Japanese e-commerce site is selling the Home Hub at a steep discount for $89.94, and with the offer code SAVE15 used at checkout, you can save an additional $13 and change. This brings the total down to $76.53 before tax.

This is the best deal that we’ve seen yet for the company’s smart display. It’s worth picking this up if you’re thinking about buying into the Google Home ecosystem, or if you’re adding onto the Google-made smart speakers that you already own.

Compared to other smart displays, like the Lenovo Smart Display, Facebook Portal, or Amazon’s Echo Show, the Home Hub doesn’t feature a camera. As such, it can’t be used for video chatting, though it’s similar to competing products in most other ways. When you ping Google Assistant with “Hey Google,” you’ll hear the response and see it on the display. It can show you the weather, manage your smart home devices with a visual interface, and break down recipes to a meal that you’re trying to make, too. And unlike Amazon’s smart displays, the Home Hub lets you easily watch YouTube.

In our review of the Google Home Hub, Dan Seifert calls it the “best digital photo frame” thanks to its deep integration with Google Photos. But no matter what you do with it, the Home Hub’s “Ambient EQ” light sensor automatically tweaks the screen’s color temperature so that it’s a more natural fit in your home.