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RavPower’s 45W USB-C wall charger is almost half off for Verge readers

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A GaN charger that can quickly charge most devices

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ravpower Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

Updated 9:22AM ET, May 29th: RavPower has confirmed to The Verge that this deal is back. Both the clipped coupon and the offer code work as intended.

RavPower’s 45W USB-C wall adapter is $29.99 on Amazon for readers of The Verge. We’ve featured this deal before, though at almost half off, this is the best price yet.

To redeem this offer, you’ll first have to clip the coupon that appears under its price on the product page, then enter the offer code VERGE45W at checkout. This discount will last until June 3rd.

This adapter is an appealing choice for two reasons: it’s small, and it’s powerful. Its small size means that it can easily fit into a bag, eliminating the need to bring a few larger power adapters. Its slim form factor is all thanks to gallium nitride, or GaN, a component that can sustain higher voltages than silicon, and can do so without sacrificing efficiency. This adapter’s USB-C port is located on its bottom, so it can fit in wall outlets that don’t offer much in the way of clearance.

RavPower’s wall adapter is powerful enough to quickly charge devices that require up to 45W. This covers everything from your Android phone or iPhone (assuming you have the proper cable) to the latest iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Nintendo Switch, and more. You can use it with laptops and other tech that requires more power, too, though you won’t get the same fast charging speeds.