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Star Wars Day brings deals on lightsabers, Lego sets, and more

May the 4th be with you

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster (wide)

Today is May 4th, also sometimes known as Star Wars Day. Several retailers are hosting deals on all things Star Wars-related, so whether you know (or are) a super fan, this could be the best opportunity of the year to get the most for your money.

ThinkGeek is taking 30 percent off of its Star Wars merchandise, which includes toys, shirts, swimsuits, R2-D2 screwdrivers, and such thoughtful products as the Stormtrooper onesie sleeping bag. If you’re hoping to get a deal on a licensed lightsaber, you can save $10 by typing in the offer code SABERSALE at checkout.

Lego is also offering discounts on several Star Wars kits, and it’s including free goodies when you spend over a certain amount until May 7th. If you spend $35, Lego will include a free 10 x 13-inch art print; spend over $75, say on the brand-new Tantive IV (aka Princess Leia’s Rebel blockade runner), and it’ll throw in a Battle of Hoth micro kit.

John Boyega Lightsaber GIF

A staggering number of Star Wars video games are discounted on iOS and Android devices, as well as on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you’re on PC, storefronts like Steam, GOG, and Humble are each offering a ton of deals for Star Wars Day. Here are a few of our favorites:

A look at what’s included inside the first Star Wars Epic Adventures package

There’s also Star Wars Epic Adventures, a new subscription service that aims to help parents and guardians introduce Star Wars to kids. It’s made in partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm, and each monthly package includes a storybook (as told from C-3PO’s perspective), collectible cards, an activity book with stickers, and a poster. If you subscribe, your first month will be $10, followed by $19.95 to receive a package each month thereafter.

eBay is offering deals on Star Wars toys from Hasbro during Star Wars Day. There’s a nice mix of toys based on characters from the original trilogy, as well as several based on the current trilogy. And, since it’s eBay, there are products that may appeal to collectors, from the ridiculously expensive (a 1978 Star Wars concert movie poster for $61,000) to the only sort-of expensive by comparison ($3,000 for a Star Wars: The Force Awakens card signed by John Boyega).