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Amazon’s waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is $40 off

Amazon’s waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is $40 off


The base model Kindle is cheaper, but don’t be swayed

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A hand holding a very wet Kindle Paperwhite as it lies on the ground.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Amazon’s 2018 Paperwhite is back down to $89.99, matching the lowest price that we’ve seen. Amazon also discounted its entry-level Kindle for the first time, down to $69.99. It might be tempting to get the cheaper model to save money, but there are several reasons why you should get the Kindle Paperwhite instead.

First off, it’s the best e-reader to buy. For that extra $20, you’ll get a crisp 300ppi display that is much easier on the eyes than the Kindle’s 167ppi display, which looks blurry by comparison. The difference results in the Paperwhite reading more like a book or newspaper than the cheaper model; words aren’t pixelated, and book covers will look more dense with detail.

The cheaper Kindle has a recessed display, so dust and other grime could eventually distract you from reading. The Paperwhite’s display sits flush with its body, preventing that from happening. The Paperwhite is also rated IPX8 waterproof, which safeguards it from the occasional splash or accidental drop into the tub.

The Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite do have a few things in common, though. Both feature Bluetooth for connecting wireless headphones to listen to Audible audiobooks. You’ll also find a built-in light on both models, which can let you read in bed or on a plane without having to shine a glaring light down onto the screen. But given the choice between the two e-readers, you should always opt for the Paperwhite — especially when the price gap is just $20.

This isn’t the first deal of its kind for the Paperwhite. It was on sale for this price in January, and the sale lasted for about a week. If you’re thinking of upgrading your e-reader or getting your first model, you probably have a few days to mull it over before the price goes back up.