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Adding a 512GB microSD card to your Nintendo Switch is cheaper than ever

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Starting at $80.99, today only

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If you need a microSD card for your Nintendo Switch, phone, tablet, or action camera, PNY’s 512GB microSD card is $80.99 at Amazon, a whole $20 cheaper than the best price we’ve seen on a card of this capacity.

The $80.99 microSD card claims to deliver 90Mb/s transfer speeds, which is just fine for most use cases. It was only a few months ago that SanDisk’s popular 400GB microSD card was this price, so your patience has been rewarded if you were waiting for a better deal.

If you want something that’s better suited for recording and transferring 4K video, and for slightly faster loading times on your phone or Nintendo Switch, PNY’s 512GB Pro Elite microSD card is just $9 more at $89.99. This card has an U3 speed rating and is in the A2 performance class, and according to the SD Association, both of these factors push the $89.99 model above what a lesser microSD card can do.

Amazon’s deal of the day includes more than just microSD cards. It’s focused specifically on PNY-branded tech, and you’ll find discounted flash drives, SD cards, and solid state drives in the mix, too.