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Amazon’s Echo Buds are $40 off today

A lot cheaper than AirPods

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Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Amazon’s Echo Buds are on sale for $90, in what appears to be their first sale since launching in October. The wireless earbuds normally sell for $130, which is a steep price considering you can get Apple’s much-loved AirPods for $159. With this discount, the Echo Buds are competing in a very different price class and look like a far better value.

The Echo Buds were well-received at launch, despite being Amazon’s first attempt at truly wireless earbuds. The Verge’s review commended their sound quality, comfort, and noise reduction. The earbuds did have some drawbacks, though, like an outdated Micro USB charger and a comparatively large earbud size. Naturally, as Amazon products, they also integrate with Alexa.

Amazon says the sale is a “limited time deal,” and it doesn’t note when the price hikes back up.