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Google Nest Hub smart displays are buy one, get one free at Best Buy

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This useful smart home hub is cheaper than ever

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Some products are worth buying at full price, but Google’s Nest Hub smart display shouldn’t be one of them. This device launched for $129, but it’s not difficult to find one for around $70. Best Buy’s offer today takes the cake, though: you can get two of them for $100.

Considering that Google’s Nest Mini smart speaker usually costs around $50, getting a Nest Hub for the same price is an incredible value. It can handle all of the usual speaker tasks, but its display goes a step further by showing visuals to accompany the Google Assistant’s answers to questions and commands. Additionally, you can use the small seven-inch screen to watch YouTube videos and YouTube TV (if you subscribe).

Perhaps the Nest Hub’s defining feature, though, is being a photo frame for your Google Photos library. What makes it better than any other off-the-shelf digital frame is the ambient sensor that automatically tweaks the brightness and hue of the display based on the room’s lighting.

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

In case you missed out on this sale yesterday, Amazon’s Echo Buds truly wireless earphones are $40 off, which is over 30 percent off of their usual price. This is the first price drop for these headphones, which feature noise cancellation, so $90 is a low price to pay. In our review, The Verge’s Chris Welch praised their sound quality as another reason to consider checking them out. This deal likely won’t last for much longer, so get in while the price is lower than usual.

Lastly, you can still save big on the seventh-generation iPad, which is the latest model. Stock seems to be dwindling depending on color, but you can still save $80 on the base model with 32GB of storage. It costs $249.99 (usually $329.99) at Amazon and Best Buy. If you want more storage, the 128GB version costs $329.99 ($100 off) at Amazon and Best Buy.