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You can get OnePlus wireless earbuds for just $1 today

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Starting at 11AM ET, there’s one drop each hour for four hours

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A person wearing the OnePlus Buds earbuds. Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

OnePlus has been on a roll with early Black Friday deals, and today’s might be the most appealing yet if you don’t want to spend a lot. In fact, you’ll only need $1 for these. OnePlus is offering four opportunities to score its OnePlus Buds or the Bullets Wireless Z for just a buck. Click the link above, then scroll down to see the deals.

Starting at 11AM ET, the company will release a limited number of OnePlus Buds for $1 (normally $79). Whether those units sell out or not, at 12PM ET, it will alternate to the Bullets Wireless Z for $1 (normally $50). At 1PM ET, the cycle will restart with OnePlus Buds, then at 2PM ET, you’ll have your final shot to get the Bullets Wireless Z.

OnePlus hasn’t shared whether one person can get $1 earbuds four times, or if it will block you from buying them again if you’re already taken advantage of the deal.

Despite these wireless earphones being made by OnePlus, they’ll work with any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. There was an issue with the Buds not being able to receive firmware updates on non-OnePlus phones, but according to this how-to from Android Authority, it’s now possible to do from any Android phone (even if it’s a little cumbersome).