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The Mate X electric folding bike is $300 off for Verge readers

The Mate X electric folding bike is $300 off for Verge readers


A big discount on an e-bike that doesn’t mess around

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Photo by Thomas Ricker / The Verge

Several configurations of the Mate X electric folding bike are $300 off at Wellbots. The most affordable option usually costs $1,999, but the offer code THEVERGEBIKE will bring that price down to $1,699 to start. The price varies depending on the color, how powerful of a battery you want (14Ah or 17Ah), and whether you prefer mechanical or hydraulic brakes. The most expensive version is usually priced at $2,299, so this exclusive offer code will get it down just below the $2,000 mark.

Mate X (Jet Grey, 14Ah) /

Was $1,999, now 15% off with offer code THEVERGEBIKE

$1,699 at Wellbots

For those who aren’t familiar with this model, it launched following a successful crowdsourcing campaign in late-2018. This could be a good match for you if you’ve been looking for an e-bike that’s powerful enough to get around on rocky terrain or loose sand on a beach. That’s thanks in part to its powerful battery and some very fat tires. According to The Verge’s Thomas Ricker, who had a great experience on a prototype model, you’ll get around with ease on flat asphalt roads, steep dirt trails, rock faces, downed trees, seawater, and shorelines.

If you’re on the fence, I suggest you read more about the bike through Ricker’s lens because he unabashedly loves e-bikes and puts them to the test in Amsterdam where bikes rule cars. Once you’re done with that, consider checking out the various configurations of the Mate X that are discounted through Wellbots.

Wellbots notes that this exclusive offer is valid while supplies last. Buyers will get free shipping, and if you live outside of NY state, the purchase will be tax-free.

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