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Apple’s latest MacBook Air is more affordable than ever today

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$1K gets you a capable laptop with 256GB of storage

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Apple’s 2019 MacBook Air is no stranger to seeing a discount here and there, but today’s deal is a rarity. The upgraded model with a 256GB SSD usually costs $1,299, but Amazon has lopped $300 off the cost for a final price of $999.

The Verge’s Dieter Bohn reviewed this machine when it released in mid-2019, and he praised the addition of True Tone to its Retina display that automatically adjusts the screen’s color temperature depending on the ambient lighting in the room.

If you’re after a macOS laptop that has tons of processing power, this won’t be a great match; its dual-core Intel Core i5 processor can struggle under big workloads. The 2019 MacBook Pro might be a better bet with its quad-core Intel Core i5 CPU. But considering the 256GB MacBook Pro costs $1,499, this is an especially great deal if you value storage space over having a faster CPU.