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Best Buy is knocking $60 off when you buy two of Amazon’s Echo Show 8 smart displays

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The best smart display is now even more affordable

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

At Best Buy, Amazon’s Echo Show 8 comes in a two-pack for $200, which is $60 off the usual cost for getting two of these smart displays. To take advantage of this deal, head to this page and simply add two of them to your cart, and feel free to mix up the colors.

The Echo Show 8 earned the distinction of being the best smart display for most people in our buying guide. Up against the Google Nest Hub lineup, the Echo Show 8 offers the most features, even if it misses out on a few exclusive ones that you can only find in Google’s smart display. It offers good sound, a sharp display, and while it supports video chatting with its built-in camera, you can easily turn off the camera with the privacy shutter.

Doom Eternal

Target is hosting a buy two, get one free promotion on video games, and even some new releases are eligible for the discount. It’s a good excuse to stock up on some recent releases that you might not otherwise be able to spend full price on. Games like Doom: Eternal (Xbox One, PS4), and Control (Xbox One, PS4). Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch games, including the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons, aren’t looped into the deal.

You can snag a Speck case for your phone for less through April 1st. The company is offering a 25 percent discount on most of its inventory, excluding AirPods cases, products that are already discounted, and limited edition cases. Thankfully, that still leaves practically every kind of phone, tablet, and wearable case up for a nice discount. If you’re someone who recently got $200 off the Samsung Galaxy S20 (which, mind you, is still in effect at Amazon), you can save on a case for it, too.

Correction: This post originally claimed that you could buy two Amazon Echo Show 8 devices at Best Buy for $130. In fact, two of them cost $200, a $60 discount.