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You can save $41 with these refurbished AirPods Pro at Best Buy

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The biggest discount yet if you want to roll the dice on refurbs

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Apple’s AirPods Pro truly wireless earphones cost $249.99 new, and there’s only been a few instances of that price wiggling. If you’re looking to save some money, and don’t mind if the headphones aren’t brand-new, Best Buy is offering $41 off the original price for refurbished units.

These refurbs usually go for $220, but they’re $208.99 today (currently sold out). Best Buy says that it has thoroughly tested the AirPods Pro and repackaged them, complete with all three sizes of ear tips.

Many reviewers on Best Buy say that these earbuds arrived in “like-new” condition in the original box, though some say that the case was scratched. When you buy refurbished, it’s a roll of the dice. Though, since they have a 90-day Best Buy warranty against defects, you’ll be covered if something goes wrong. And since Apple only released them a few months ago, their one-year Apple manufacturer warranty should still be valid for the next several months.

The most affordable price we’ve seen for new AirPods Pro is $234.98 at Amazon (out of stock until March 13th), and a $15 discount isn’t much to get excited about. So, until we see a bigger price drop, Best Buy’s offer on refurbished AirPods Pro is as good as it gets in terms of savings.

Update 2:53PM ET, March 5th: Best Buy’s stock of refurbished AirPods Pro have sold out. It’ll likely restock soon, but there’s no telling if the $209 sale price will stick, or if it will return to its regular $220 price.