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Best Picture-winning film Parasite is $10 to own in 4K HDR

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Plus, get an affordable Wyze Cam to turn into a webcam

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If you are looking for a great film to watch, Parasite from director Bong Joon-ho is $9.99 to own in 4K HDR through iTunes. This movie swept the 2020 Academy Awards, picking up big awards in several categories, including Best Picture (it’s the first non-English film to do so), Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film.

Even if you don’t use iTunes, buying Parasite through Apple’s storefront will allow you to add it to your Movies Anywhere library.

Image: Wyze

Webcams are tough to find these days since almost everyone is working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re finding yourself in need of one, Wyze recently issued a firmware update for its affordable Wyze Cam so it can be used as a webcam. These cameras regularly run between $20 and $25, which is not only a bargain compared to some high-end models from companies like Razer and Logitech, but you can have one of these quickly delivered after you place an order.

To get the webcam feature to work, you’ll need a microSD card to insert into the Wyze Cam. Additionally, you’ll need a USB-A to USB-A cable. (The Micro USB port on the camera’s rear doesn’t output data.) Once you have, or order, those items, follow the instructions that my colleague Nick Statt wrote to get the firmware onto the camera.


Humble Bundle recently launched a new bundle that you’ll probably want to check out if you want a bunch of great games and also want to make a charitable donation to help fight COVID-19. It costs $30 to get the full pot of games, ebooks, digital comics, and software, but it’s worth it.

Paying $30 gets you Into The Breach, Hollow Knight, Undertale, Wizard of Legend, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, The Witness, Superhot, Killing Floor 2, Jackbox Party Pack 2, Tropico 4, Tilt Brush in VR, and several other titles. In terms of digital comics, you’ll get Saga Volume 1, The Boys Volume 1, and other ebooks.