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You can save 50 percent on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the nine-film collection in 4K

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May 4th celebrations are already kicking off

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May 4th is the annual Star Wars-themed holiday, and several sales have already begun to celebrate the franchise. One of the most notable so far is the PC version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn’s excellent (and surprisingly challenging) third-person adventure. The digital code (redeemable on Origin) costs $30 instead of $60 at Amazon.

The console versions have seen big price drops like this one for the past few weeks, but this is the first time we’ve seen the PC version drop in cost by 50 percent. If your PC is powerful enough to run this game, I recommend picking it up.

Star Wars

Another excellent Star Wars-related deal is on the nine-film “The Skywalker Saga” collection that you can buy to own in 4K for $80 at Vudu and the Google Play Store. If you only want one film, it’ll cost you just $10 for a 4K copy — not a bad deal on its own — though, as part of the bundle, each film gets a price reduction down to about $8.90. Those are the cheapest prices that we’ve seen.

Films that fall outside of the Skywalker story, like Rogue One and Solo, are $10 each for their respective 4K versions through each video storefront.

It’s worth noting that Disney recently announced that the Skywalker Saga collection (in 4K, no less) will be available on Disney Plus, its video streaming service, starting on May 4th. It will cost you less to watch the films there, though you won’t get to keep them should you end your subscription.

Microsoft’s official stereo headset is $35 at B&H Photo today instead of $60. There are better-sounding headsets available for the Xbox One, but this is a sizable discount if you’re just looking for something that’s affordable and easy to set up. This model has plush ear cups and a microphone, though what makes this an especially good deal is that the headset comes with an audio mixing adapter (which, on its own, costs around $50 at Amazon) that plugs right into the bottom of your Xbox One controller.