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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is cheaper than ever at Amazon

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2018’s do-it-all phone is still a great value for $499

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will soon be two years old, but it’s still a great phone — especially at the $499 price Amazon is selling it for today. This is the best deal we’ve seen yet, and it’s far lower than its $1,000 retail price (though these days, it usually runs you about $600 or more depending on the color). This sale is specifically on the lavender color option with 128GB of storage. If that’s not your favorite color, you can slap a case on it. And if it’s not enough storage for you, you can put up to a 512GB microSD card in it to expand the available capacity. (Note: 200GB microSD cards are cheaper than usual at Amazon today at $27.)

The Note 9 has a big 6.4-inch OLED screen with support for the included S Pen stylus that’s useful for jotting down notes or managing a grocery list. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 845, has a headphone jack and wireless charging, and is IP68-rated for waterproofing.

In short, if you’ve been considering Samsung’s newer Galaxy A51 or A71 phones, you might want to consider this instead. It has a better screen, more power, far more features, and it works with every US carrier.

Image: Bose

Bose’s latest noise-canceling headphones, the aptly named Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, are back down to their lowest price at Amazon. The white set costs $299 ($100 off). We’ve seen this deal before, though it’s been several weeks since the last discount.

Bose makes other colors of this NC700 model, including silver and black, but those rarely drop below their $399 price. If the white model doesn’t work for you, those other two colors are down to $339, which is actually the most affordable price Amazon has sold them for. No matter the color you buy, my colleague Chris Welch recommends them in his review for people who want excellent noise isolation, along with great sound quality and microphone quality for phone calls.