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Google’s discontinued Pixel 4 is $250 off at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo

Google’s discontinued Pixel 4 is $250 off at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo


These closeout prices aren’t the best deals on this phone, but a $250 discount is still decent

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The Google Pixel 4 is discontinued, but Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo each apparently had enough stock left to launch a coordinated sale, bringing the 64GB and 128GB models each down $250 off their original prices. Both Best Buy and B&H Photo have the unlocked Pixel 4 with 64GB of storage in “just black” and “clearly white” for $549. Amazon is currently offering the deal for the black phone only. For $100 more, you can get the 128GB model. Sadly, the larger Pixel 4 XL isn’t looped in here.

The best deal we saw for the smaller Pixel 4 model was in April when it dropped down to $499. You can technically get that price at Best Buy right now — but only if you’re willing to activate the phone with a carrier when you buy it. If you’re looking for the best value and the most choice, head to B&H Photo, where the phone comes with a translucent case for free. It’s nothing fancy, but having a case to put the Pixel 4 into right out of the box is something that some people might want to do.

Google Pixel 4 (unlocked, 64GB) /

Was $799, now 31% off. Also available at Amazon and Best Buy. The 128GB model costs $100 more

$549 at B&H Photo

Google discontinued the Pixel 4 just a few days after it announced the Pixel 4A, a $349 phone that’s available to preorder now and will release on August 20th. In lieu of matching the Pixel 4’s high-end Snapdragon 855 processor and its gimmicky Motion Sense feature for hand gesture-based navigation, the Pixel 4A limits the focus to lowering the entry price of getting Google’s great camera and software. So not only is raw power still a good reason to choose the Pixel 4 over the 4A, but the more expensive device features wireless charging, water resistance, and a fast refresh rate display.