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The best official Nerf blaster ever made is half off for Cyber Monday

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Cherry picking deals on actually decent blasters

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You want to bring a badass foam blaster to your next Nerf war — or gift one to a very grateful kid or kid-at-heart this holiday. Good news: the Nerf Rival Perses, arguably the best official blaster ever made, is just $50 during Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale.

Normally $100, it’s a fully automatic SMG-style blaster that holds 50 far-flying, bouncy foam rounds in its hopper and dishes them out at up to eight shots per second. Plus, you won’t need to buy big bulky dumb alkaline batteries for this one. It comes with its own rechargeable NiMH battery pack and charger, unlike practically every other Hasbro blaster on the market.

Just know it’s a little too big for small kids. At over five pounds and with big beefy grips, it’ll be a late pre-teen, teen, or adult that’ll be willing to heft this around.

While the Perses might be the pinnacle of official Nerf blasters (its successor the Mach-100 isn’t so hot), it’s not the pinnacle of Nerf. You can mod it for even more power, add an aftermarket hopper (example) for even more capacity, or try something from another company or even a homegrown blaster to get the most out of the sport. But if you’re looking to spend around $50, you might also briefly consider the $49 Adventure Force Nexus Pro. While it’s not on sale and doesn’t have the fire rate of a Perses, it’s better for accurate blasting outdoors.

There are a lot of other fairly weaksauce blasters on sale this Cyber Monday, but I did spot a handful of others that might be worth your consideration. Also note that Target’s having a buy-two-get-one sale on all Nerf toys.