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The green Apple Watch Series 7 has hit a new low price of $339

The green Apple Watch Series 7 has hit a new low price of $339


Plus audio, smart home, and gaming deals that still arrive in time for Christmas

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The Apple Watch Series 7 and its larger screen has a full keyboard for tapping and gesture swiping.
The Apple Watch Series 7 and its larger screen has a full keyboard for tapping and gesture swiping.
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

It’s beginning to look a lot like Dealsmas, now that we’re just a few days away from the holiday and there are still some excellent gifts to get before time truly runs out. While we have been tracking some gift ideas this week that still arrive in time, today, let’s bear down on a bunch of excellent sales — some on frequently discounted products that hit new low prices and others on newly launched gadgets to cut you early adopters a break.

Leading us off, it just isn’t the holiday season without a great Apple Watch deal — and in such a festive color. The green Apple Watch Series 7 may appear darker in person than in some photographs, but right now, it’s the cheapest way to get the latest smartwatch from Apple. You can pick up the base 41mm GPS model in green with a matching sport band for $339 at Amazon and Best Buy. That’s a savings of $60 and the lowest price to date.

Apple’s latest watch offers a larger display that stretches further out to the edges, and it’s more rugged than ever with IP6X dust resistance. This deal drops the price another $10 below the previous best discount we’ve seen, and if you make your move quick enough, it should arrive in time for Christmas from either retailer. Read our review.

The Apple Watch Series 7 in green.

The smaller Apple Watch Series 7 comes in a range of colors with either GPS or GPS and LTE.

Turning from the world of smartwatches to the world of smart... lamps? No, it’s a speaker? Wait, do they know what it actually looks like? (They make smart versions of that as well, don’t they...)

OK! Jokes aside, Sony’s new LSP-X3 combination lamp speaker may look like a fancy bong, but it’s actually a connected gadget that can help set the mood with light and audio. This portable Bluetooth speaker is all about vibes, as the glass-encased candlelight-style LED can mimic the flicker effect of an actual candle while you relax to your tunes (perhaps The Grateful Dead or Phish?).

The Sony LSP-X3 was just released, but it is already discounted to $248 at Amazon and $249.99 at Best Buy, which is about $100 off its sticker price. It still arrives in time for Christmas, so you can gift it to a loved one and record their confused reaction when they open it and wonder just what kind of stuff you think they’re into. Read our review.


Sony’s LSP-X3 is a glass LED lamp and Bluetooth speaker combined into one. It has great sound quality, LDAC support on Android, and up to eight hours of battery life on a charge.

Staying within Sony’s world of audio devices for a moment, though getting back to much more conventional designs, the new Sony WF-C500 wireless earbuds are another new product that can be picked up for early discounts. We gave this one a quick mention yesterday while it was part of Amazon’s deal of the day and priced at just $58, but if you missed out, you can still pick it up today for $68.

Normally priced at $100, these earbuds offer a great value proposition for great sound and 10 hours of continuous battery life during playback. This deal ships after Christmas, but you may be hard-pressed to find this quality at the price. Remember, late Christmas gift rhymes with great Christmas gift. Read our review.


The Sony WF-C500 are a budget-friendly pair of earbuds that prioritize sound quality and battery life. The small and pocket-friendly charging case carries one additional charge, totaling 20 hours of listening time.

For the Samsung fans in the audience, the flagship Galaxy Buds Pro are a well-established set of quality earbuds that feature active noise cancellation and a great balance of sound quality and comfort. They tick all the boxes that some models leave out, like good quality audio during phone calls, thanks to their triple microphone array with beamforming. Samsung, Best Buy, and Amazon are selling the Galaxy Buds Pro for just $129.99 in violet, silver, and black colorways — a discount of $70 that matches their all-time low price. Each retailer indicates that these discounted buds should still arrive in time for Christmas. Read our review.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro have a blend of tech found in the older Buds Plus and Buds Live, with excellent sound quality.

The holidays offer a great time to catch up on the year’s back catalog of excellent video game titles, and if you’re an Xbox or PC player in need of extra controllers for some local multiplayer, then you’re currently in luck. Amazon has discounts on the standard Xbox Series X / S controllers in some vibrant colors, including the tennis ball green electric volt, as well as pulse red and shock blue. Each of these is about $40 at checkout when you clip the on-page coupon, discounted from their usual prices of $64.99.

While the standard Xbox controller is a quality gamepad, if you prefer something even more premium, you can opt for the Xbox Elite Series 2. This customizable, pro-level controller is currently on sale for its best price of $139.99 at Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon ($40 off).


Microsoft’s latest Xbox controller features a Share button and a USB-C charging port if you decide to use the optional rechargeable battery.


The Xbox Elite Series 2 is easily one of our favorite controllers at The Verge. It’s an improvement on the already excellent Elite Controller, with deep customization, optional rear paddle buttons, and a swappable D-pad and analog sticks that allow you to tailor its layout to suit your play style.

Changing gears from gaming to Google, if you haven’t bought into a smart home system, it may feel challenging to consider where to begin. If you’re partial to the Google Assistant, the current deal from Lowe’s on the Google Nest Mini (second-gen) with a GE smart plug adapter may be one of the easiest ways to get your toe in the water. The bundle normally runs $59.99, but you can get it from Lowe’s for $24.99 until the new year. It will not ship in time for Christmas, but you might be able to find it available for store pickup at a Lowe’s near you.

This can make an excellent gift for a family member who just wants to be able to say, “Hey Google, turn off the light,” with a traditional light source, or you can plant it at your in-laws’ house (with their permission) to easily reset their router when they call you about internet trouble. The Nest Mini (second-gen) is also a solid little speaker for listening to music, so this bundle is very versatile for just $25. Read our review.


The Google Nest Mini (second-generation) is the tiny puck-shaped speaker with the Google Assistant. Control smart home functions, set timers, and call up music with your voice. With the bundled GE Smart Plug, you can even give some smart functionality to legacy home products.

More deals to go with your egg nog

  • The second-generation Apple Pencil — the one that charges in a logical way via magnets — is back down to its best price ever of $99 at Amazon ($30 off).
  • Prefer to save a bit more money and don’t mind a Lightning-connector charging method that’s, let’s say, quirky? The original Apple Pencil is $79.99 at Amazon ($20 off). Not its best price ever, but just $10 above it.
  • Amazon has Ring Alarm (second-gen) kits up to 38 percent off, including a five-piece kit perfect for a condo or apartment for $139.99 ($60 off). If you own a home and want to go all out with an included Echo Show 5 (second-gen) and Ring Video Doorbell (2020), it’s $274.98 for an eight-piece kit ($150 off). Read our review of the Ring Alarm Pro.
  • Logitech’s Combo Touch keyboard case and kickstand for the iPad Air (2020) is $169.99 at Amazon ($30 off). Read our review.
  • Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in the lovely phantom black color for just $799.99 ($400 off) with activation. Read our review.
  • The all-black version of the Blue Yeti USB condenser mic is on sale for just $74.99 ($55 off) at GameStop’s deal of the day. That’s an all-time low price for the Yeti, which is a popular choice of podcasters, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers alike. Just be sure you know how to use it correctly.