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Nintendo’s new Mario-themed Switch is back in stock at several retailers

This newly released Switch has been hard to find the last few weeks

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Image: Nintendo

“MAR10 Day” is tomorrow, but several retailers have already begun the festivities by making more stock available for the limited-edition Nintendo Switch that is based on the mustached plumber.

The Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition was released last month but has been hard to find since its launch. Now it is back in stock at several retailers, including Best Buy and GameStop. Retailing for $300, which is the normal price for Nintendo’s hybrid console, the limited-edition Switch features an all-red console, a red dock stand, a pair of red Joy-Cons, a red casing around the screen, and a blue Joy-Con grip. The console also includes a screen protector and a special carrying case for no additional cost.

Over at Best Buy, the retailer has knocked the prices down on a handful of Nintendo-published games for the Switch, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Super Mario Maker 2; only physical cartridges have been discounted.

Walmart has price-matched Best Buy, but the retailer has more games available and the option to buy either a digital or physical copy. Now if you plan to take advantage of these deals, you may use all of the Switch’s limited internal storage. Fortunately, SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card is on sale for as low as $22 at Newegg.

SanDisk microSD card (200GB)

  • $27
  • $35
  • 23% off

The standard Nintendo Switch ships with 32GB of internal storage, which won’t get you very far when it comes to downloading games. Adding a 200GB microSD card is a smart, relatively affordable way to give your storage a boost.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch accessories, if you prefer using your Switch in handheld mode but don’t want to spend $70 on a new pair of Joy-Cons, the best alternative is Hori’s Split Pad Pro controller. Usually $50, you can buy this controller for $40 at Amazon and Walmart. Most notably, this accessory includes an actual D-pad and more importantly, these controllers are bigger and more comfortable to use.