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Samsung’s 32-inch, AirPlay 2-compatible Smart Monitor is $50 off

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Plus, save on Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers, gaming mice, and more

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Samsung Smart Monitor M5
This is the Smart Monitor M5

If you aren’t sure whether a TV or computer monitor will suit your needs better, why not get a display that’s a little of both? Samsung’s 32-inch 1080p Smart Monitor M5 looks like a monitor with its small bezels and stand, but it has access to TV streaming apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, and more without the need for extra hardware. The reason I’m sharing this info today is because it’s $50 off at Amazon, down to $230 (via 9to5Toys).

You can find a larger 4K TV for this price, but the M5 has a few other features up its sleeve that might appeal to you. It can be mounted to your wall or a monitor arm, its remote supports Google Assistant and Alexa, and it’s even AirPlay 2-compatible. This model has two HDMI ports, two USB-A 2.0 ports, and built-in speakers. You can read more about it in our previous coverage.

Razer’s Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse that includes an RGB-filled charging dock is back down to its lowest price on Amazon and Best Buy. Normally $150, it’s $100. This model is worthy of consideration if you’re looking for a comfortable gaming mouse that’s not too big, and one that has a true ambidextrous design. Both sides of the Viper Ultimate have thumb buttons, making it suitable for left- or right-handed gamers. Amazon currently offers the black, white, and pink models for this price.

Amazon’s Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi bundle that includes one Eero 6 router and an extender is $40 off. Normally $199, it costs $159 to add a significant boost in signal coverage to your home. The router has two Ethernet ports so you can wire it to your modem, as well as one other device or a switch, but the extender has no ports other than the USB-C port that powers it.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Gamers who have a PS4 or PS5 and are connected to the internet can snag a free copy of Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. Sony has been giving away some games during the last few months because of the pandemic, and it is likely to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which has been adding many new games for its subscribers recently. Either way, you don’t need a PS Plus membership to download it, so be sure to do that before May 14th.