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Google’s Nest Wifi router bundle is $80 off at Adorama

Google’s Nest Wifi router bundle is $80 off at Adorama


A great deal for a two-piece mesh Wi-Fi system

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Google’s Nest Wifi bundle that includes one router and one Point (Google’s name for an extender) costs $189 at Adorama, which is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen yet for this model. You can get this deal until Saturday, May 1st by adding the offer code EXTRAOFF80 at the checkout screen (located under the payment section). To put that price in context, the router alone usually costs $169 and the additional Point is priced normally at $149. In other words, this is like getting the Point for just $20.


Google’s Nest Wifi router and Point extender have an unassuming design. The router has two ethernet ports, while the Point can be used as a smart speaker.

Like in most mesh Wi-Fi systems, the Nest Wifi router and extender differ in a few ways, so you’ll want to plan how you arrange them accordingly. The router has two Ethernet ports (one of which will be used by your internet modem), and it’ll provide faster Wi-Fi speeds than the Point. While connected to the Point, my colleague Dan Seifert noted in his review that “speeds were cut in half, likely due to the Point’s less capable antennas and the lack of a dedicated backhaul channel for the router to communicate to the Point, like the Eero Pro and Orbi systems have.” That said, each Point has a microphone (that can be turned off with a switch) and speaker that allows it to serve as a smart speaker, in addition to being a mesh Wi-Fi device.

Still, he noted that the system had no issue having 50-plus devices connected to it at once. Plus, performance of the router and Point were solid, providing “strong Wi-Fi in every part of my home and gave me enough bandwidth to stream 4K video wherever I had a signal.”

You can add onto this Nest Wifi system with more routers or Points you might find discounted in the future, as well as Google’s previous iteration of Nest Wifi hardware.