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Microsoft’s Surface Duo is down to $600 at Woot

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is down to $600 at Woot


More affordable than ever, but locked to AT&T

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This week brought some unexpected bargains by way of an eBay sitewide code that can knock up to $100 off a pricey purchase, such as a 4K TV, as well as an excellent Humble Bundle with 100 percent of proceeds going toward COVID-19 relief in India and Brazil. There are more, including a day-long sale on AT&T-locked Microsoft Surface Duo phones and more, so take a spin through this dispatch to see what we thought stood out from the rest in deals world this week.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is just $600 at Woot

We featured a popular deal on the Surface Duo earlier this week, which had the foldable phone selling for $690. That was a great promotion, especially because it was for the version that worked on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. That deal is over now, but Woot is picking it back up and improving on the price. You can get the AT&T-locked version of the phone with 128GB of storage for just $600. The 256GB version costs $670. This is good news if you’re on AT&T.


Microsoft’s first Android phone was its ambitious foldable Surface Duo. It features two OLED displays, and its high-end design fits in with the greater Surface family of products.

Get a fantastic 4K TV for up to $100 off at eBay

Whether you primarily game or watch sports, movies, or TV shows, eBay is listing some really good televisions. Better yet, through Sunday, May 16th, you can get up to $100 off on eligible products when you use the offer code PICKSUMMER15. The code actually knocks 15 percent off your purchase, but it caps the discount at $100.

The TVs below are an even better value than usual because of this discount, so check them out if you’re in the market for an upgrade. Of course, this deal isn’t limited to TVs, so I suggest that you go to eBay and see what else might appeal to you.


Though it can’t reach 120Hz in 4K, the TCL 6-Series has tremendous picture quality that punches well above its price. It also supports VRR, ALLM, and other next-gen console specialties.

LG CX (55-inch)

$149913% off

LG’s CX series OLEDs have a gorgeous picture with perfect blacks — plus four HDMI 2.1 ports that are all ready for Xbox Series X and PS5 features such as 120Hz gaming in 4K.

Buy the second-generation Apple Pencil for $20 off

If you own one of the iPad Pro or iPad Air models that has a USB-C port, the second-generation Apple Pencil should make for a good companion if you want to draw or write. At Woot, you can get one of these rarely discounted accessories for $110 new. Other retailers are selling it for $130. Compared to the first-gen Apple Pencil that recharged via its Lightning jack, this one attaches magnetically onto the side of supported iPads and charges wirelessly.


Apple’s second-generation Pencil ditches the awkward Lightning port charging, adopting a magnetic mechanism that attaches to the side of the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. It can also recharge while magnetically attached.

Two 20W USB-C wall adapters cost just $14 at Amazon

The items above are a bit pricey. If you’re looking for something that’s less expensive but very useful, check out this deal on RavPower’s two-pack of 20W USB-C chargers that costs $13.60 before tax. We highlighted this deal earlier in the week (it was almost $2 cheaper then) because it’s what iPhone users should get instead of buying Apple’s equivalent gadget that costs $20. It’s for more than just iPhones, though. It’ll fast-charge many Android phones, and it should work great with charging the Nintendo Switch.

To get this deal, make sure to click the “Save an extra 15% when you apply this coupon” prompt located underneath the product price at Amazon.

Ravpower 20W USB-C charger

At Amazon, you can get a two-pack of RavPower’s 20W USB-C chargers for $13.60 by clipping the coupon on the product page. Compared to Apple’s $20 charger, this is a great deal.

Hyper Light Drifter

Donate to COVID-19 relief, and get several great indie games, software, and more

The latest Humble Bundle package will turn your pledge for a smattering of indie games, software, and more into a donation to support COVID-19 relief in India and Brazil. Humble suggests at least a $25 pledge — and that’s very fair based on what you’re getting in exchange — but you can donate as much or as little as you can. To name a few games included, you’ll get Into the Breach, Superhot, BioShock, The Witness, Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter, and much more.