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Apple’s new 11-inch iPad Pro is already $50 off at Walmart

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The M1-equipped tablet sees a pre-release discount

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Image: Apple

The new 11-inch iPad Pro with the M1 processor costs $799 to preorder at most retailers, but not at Walmart. You can reserve an 11-inch model with 128GB of storage for $749, and it’ll arrive at your door on or before June 1st. The step-up configuration with 256GB of storage is $50 off, too, costing $849 to preorder. We’ve seen similar preorder deals on the new iPad Pro from a site called Expercom, but it currently offers a vague “3-6 week” estimate for shipping your purchase.

Granted, it’ll still be another handful of weeks before a purchase from Walmart ships, but at least there’s some reassurance there that it’ll arrive by early June at the latest. At the time of publishing, Walmart says that orders will ship on Monday, May 24th.

With this new generation of iPad Pro, Apple uses the same M1 processor that’s found in the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and new iMac. The company’s tablet and computing lineups are still distinct in the software they use (iPadOS versus macOS), but they’re getting more similar with every new iteration. My colleague Monica Chin thinks Apple ought to just rip off the bandage and put macOS on the iPad since its hardware is similar in many ways to a laptop.