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Samsung’s art-inspired Frame 4K TV is $200 off

Samsung’s art-inspired Frame 4K TV is $200 off


Plus deals on iPad Magic Keyboards, the Nest Hello Doorbell, DJI OM 4, and more

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Samsung Frame TV 2018
The Frame camouflages itself as wall art when you’re not using it as a TV.

The Frame, Samsung’s HDR-compatible QLED that pulls double duty as wall art, is one of the more unique TV designs that didn’t die in the concept phase or on the showroom floor of CES. Designed to look like a framed and matted photograph, the 120Hz screen hides in plain sight when switched to an Art Mode that displays still imagery instead of a black void when turned off. It’s a stunner of a TV in many ways and, for a limited time, Best Buy and Amazon are offering the 55-inch model for $200 off, the second-lowest price we’ve seen this year on the high-tech piece of home decor. It’s the perfect way to convince your friends you’re a person of culture and refinement while still being a techie nerd who loves large screens.

Samsung Frame TV 2018

Samsung’s The Frame is a smart, 4K TV designed to directly blend in with your home’s decor. The QLED panel can seamlessly switch from displaying whatever content it is you’re watching to idle scenes of decorative art. The Frame also boasts HDR, a 120Hz refresh rate, and a motion sensor to ensure someone is there to see its ambient Art Mode.

If you use the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro and want a more laptop-like experience, there are deals for both the previous-gen and newly revised Apple Magic Keyboards. Functionally the same, both Magic Keyboards augment the work and play capabilities of the iPad Pro with a quality trackpad and tactile keyboard that folds up to protect the screen. Best Buy currently has the older model for $199 (a discount of $150) and Amazon has the newer one for $324 (a discount of $25). The main difference between the two? The updated Magic Keyboard more adequately accommodates the slightly thicker dimensions of this year’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro.


This 2018 Apple Magic Keyboard comes with a built-in numeric keypad as well as scissor key switches, which work well with either an iPad or Mac.

A picture of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, with an iPad Pro attached.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the M1-equipped, 12.9-inch iPad Pro touts the same features found on the first model introduced in 2020, including USB-C passthrough charging and a great keyboard. The latest revision is sized differently, however, allowing it to accommodate the thicker, fifth-gen iPad Pro.

Google recently released a new version of its Nest Doorbell (formerly the Nest Hello) that lets you choose between battery or wired for power, and now the previous-gen wired model has received a sizable discount. Best Buy, Target, and Google are all currently offering $50 off the wired configuration, matching the price of the newer model at $180. The newer model might be more convenient and include a few additional enhancements, but with the previous model you’ll get slightly higher resolution capture and 24/7 recording without ever having to worry about charging it.


The wired iteration of Google’s Nest Doorbell offers 24/7 recording with person, motion, and sound alerts. It can also recognize familiar faces and package deliveries, and send you specialized notifications. You will never have to change any batteries, but it will require a little bit more work to install.

Aside from its drones, DJI is most known for its expertise with gyros and stabilizers in the world of gimbals. The DJI OM 4 is its latest-gen mobile gimbal, and it allows for rock-solid stability when shooting videos with a smartphone. The OM4 normally sells for $149, but Amazon and B&H both have it for $20 off. Pairing this three-axis stabilizer and mini tripod with an iPhone or Android device that captures 4K video can enhance any vlogging or amateur YouTube setup.


The DJI OM 4 offers three-axis stabilization and automatic tracking, which helps to keep your subject framed up while moving. It also comes with foldable tripod legs for tabletop static shots, as well as a pressure clamp and magnetic clamp for use with a compatible iPhone or Android devices.

More great deals

  • Last week’s $55, four-pack deal on the Tile Mate is still running at Amazon and Best Buy and now the credit card-sized Tile Slim can help you track your wallet as well for just $24 ($6 off).
  • While the Sony A7III camera with kit lens saw a discount last week, you can now save on just the body. Both B&H and Adorama are offering the A7III for $300 off.
  • The Razer Nari Essential is a great wireless gaming headset that gets the key basics down, while offering up added features like 7.1 surround and spatial audio. Normally $100, Woot currently has it for $55, its lowest price to date.
  • Anker’s myriad power accessories take many shapes. The PowerPort Cube is a compact extension cord and strip powering three USB ports and three power plugs that can be brought on the go or utilized at home. The five-foot, white model is currently $3 off if you clip the coupon on Amazon for 15 percent off.
  • SSDs reign supreme with speed, but sometimes you just need a ton of storage. If you don’t mind opting for slower speeds, Amazon has Seagate’s 6TB external hard drive for $100 (a discount of $60).