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Build a speedy USB-C drive with this discounted M.2 SSD enclosure

Build a speedy USB-C drive with this discounted M.2 SSD enclosure


A fun little project that’ll give you fast transfer speeds on the go

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You’ve got yourself a small weekend project.
You’ve got yourself a small weekend project.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

In most cases, people purchase M.2 NVMe drives to stick into their desktop PCs or laptops for more of that good, fast storage. But there are some other, more practical applications that don’t require opening up your hardware. You can get one of these fast SSDs, then stick it into a small enclosure, and suddenly you’ve made yourself a convenient and speedy portable USB-C drive that’ll cost you as little as $93 with today’s deals.

If that sounds like something you’d like to add to your tech repertoire, Sabrent’s tool-free USB-C Gen 3.2 enclosure is down to just $22.94 (usually $40) at Amazon. Adding an M.2 drive to it is simple, just pop the top off and follow the instructions for carefully guiding the drive into the slot. Then, you fasten it into place to keep it from moving.

Sabrent M.2 SSD enclosure

This tool-free enclosure supports SATA or NVMe-class M.2 SSDs, and its USB Gen 3.2 interface allows up to 10Gbps of data bandwidth for relatively speedy transfers. It supports M.2 SSDs in the 2242, 2260, or 2280 form factor.

(Note: the M.2 SSD enclosure featured in the lead image above is available here at Amazon for $40, down from its normal $50 price.)

You can stick a SATA or NVMe (the latter being much faster) SSD in this enclosure, and it supports up to the 2280 form factor, which is the most popular size (it can house 2242- and 2260-sized M.2 drives, alternatively). Its USB 3.2 support allows for up to 10Gbps transfer speeds, though its speed will ultimately be determined by what kind of drive you stick inside of it. An affordable and relatively speedy option to put inside of this enclosure also comes from Sabrent. Its 1TB Rocket Q SSD costs $89.99 right now (usually $111) at Amazon.

Samsung 980

If you are hoping to get a Samsung SSD within this price range, its 1TB 980 NVMe SSD is $109.99 — down from $139.99 — at Best Buy. This model should be sufficient for a lot of people’s needs, though it’s not the fastest NVMe drive out there, as it lacks DRAM, which is relied upon by your PC to map the contents within the drive to make it faster at serving up your data.


For a slightly speedier Samsung SSD that does feature DRAM, check out its 970 Evo Plus with 500GB of storage that costs $69.99 at Best Buy, down from its usual price of $95.

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