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The Xbox Series S is $249.99 for the first time

The Xbox Series S is $249.99 for the first time


Plus deals on the Apple TV 4K, a limited edition Elden Ring soundtrack, and more

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The Xbox Series S is a deceptively small console. It’s about the size of two controllers side-by-side.
The Xbox Series S is a deceptively small console. It’s about the size of two controllers side-by-side.
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

It seems like every time we mention the Xbox Series S, it gets a little cheaper. The entry-level Xbox has slowly gone from dropping $10 to $30 off its regular $299.99 price, and now to a full $50 off. Woot has the Xbox Series S for $249.99 today only, or until inventory runs out. And unlike some previous Woot deals, this one’s not limited to Amazon Prime subscribers. To put it in perspective, that is half the cost of its bigger sibling, the still-elusive Xbox Series X — but to say this is half the console would not do the little white Xbox enough justice.

Microsoft’s cheaper Xbox Series S does not feature a disc drive, but it plays the same games as the Xbox Series X at a more modest QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution and up to 120fps in supported games. It may be a little small on storage, with a 512GB SSD that only has 364GB of usable space, but it’s also an endearingly tiny box that easily fits into any entertainment center, or even at your desk beside a gaming monitor. Read our review.

The white Xbox Series S lying horizontally.

The Xbox Series S is smaller than the 4K-capable Xbox Series X, but it can still play the same digital games — albeit topping out at 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution.

Another great deal at Woot worthy of your attention is the last-gen Apple TV 4K streaming box for just $99.99 for Amazon Prime subscribers. This 32GB model is available to all for $109.99 (about $69 off), but Amazon Prime users get an additional $10 discount on top of that, bringing it to about $79 off its original list price of $179. Woot has this sale for today only or until it sells out.

While the newer Apple TV 4K brought some welcome changes, like the much-improved Siri remote (which, by the way, is compatible with the older model looped into today’s deal), it does not get nearly the same price drops as the older model. The first-gen model supports 4K with Dolby Vision and HDR10, as well as the convenience of AirPlay 2. Some things you’re missing out on spec-wise by saving money and choosing the older model: faster performance with a newer processor, Wi-Fi 6, and HDMI 2.1. Read our review.

The Apple TV 4K, the best streaming device user experience, on a table with the Siri remote.

The Apple TV 4K is a set-top box streaming video player that can output 4K HDR video with Dolby Atmos surround sound. It includes 32GB of storage for games and apps, and comes with Apple’s Siri remote for navigation and voice searching.

If you want an excellent pair of earbuds but you’re on a tight budget, Best Buy has some pretty aggressive discounts on a few different certified preowned true wireless earbuds through its Geek Squad program. I know, I know — the ickiness factor of used earbuds may just be too much for you. But we’re talking about the excellent-sounding Beats Fit Pro for $129.99 ($70 off) in black or white (gray or purple cost an additional $10). Also, the long-lasting Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are $74.99 ($75 off), and the high-end Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are just $64.99 ($135 off).

If you follow our deals closely, you know we don’t often mention used or refurbished earbuds, but these discounts seemed too good to not show you. Each of these refurb models has a 15-day return policy and a 90-day Geek Squad warranty, so if you have second thoughts on the cleanliness factor, you can hedge your bet a little. Read our reviews of the Beats Fit Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, and Galaxy Buds Pro.

Beats Fit Pro

$20015% off

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds have integrated wing tips that help keep them secure during runs and workouts. They also have excellent noise cancellation, and their sound has just the right amount of bass and kick to keep you motivated.


The Galaxy Buds Plus are the last-gen successor to the Galaxy Buds. The biggest change from this model is that the battery life is nearly doubled compared to the original Galaxy Buds.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro have a blend of tech found in the older Buds Plus and Buds Live, with excellent sound quality.

Did you get in on the Elden Ring hype train last week? Well, ye tarnished, if you just can’t get enough of FromSoftware’s latest epic and you happen to be a vinyl record enthusiast, we have a unique deal to check out. Bandai Namco is taking preorders for the Elden Ring Vinyl Collection, a limited edition eight-disc LP set, and if it’s your first order from the publisher’s online store, you can save 15 percent with promo code WELCOME15. This brings the price down to $135.99 from its full price of $159.99 — saving you $24.

If you’re new to limited edition soundtracks, especially in the video game world, they can be a little pricey but have a tendency to go up in value later. This one has a limited release of 6,999 copies worldwide, and it’s expected to release on August 31st. Read our review of Elden Ring.


The complete orchestral soundtrack to FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, on an eight-disc LP vinyl set. Each one is individually numbered, limited to 6,999 editions worldwide. The anticipated release date is August 31st. First-time purchasers from Bandai Namco’s store can use code WELCOME15 to save 15 percent.

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