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You can save up to $50 on some Nintendo Switch games for Mario Day

You can save up to $50 on some Nintendo Switch games for Mario Day


Save on games and accessories celebrating everyone’s favorite plumber

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Deals coming at you like goombas
Image: Nintendo

March 10th is the unofficial holiday to celebrate all things Nintendo, and a variety of retailers are offering bargains on first-party Nintendo titles and some of the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch. While neither the Switch Lite nor OLED models of the Nintendo Switch are currently discounted, both models are readily available for late adopters or anyone who has been looking to upgrade from the classic Switch (in the case of the Switch OLED model).

Games for the Nintendo Switch go on sale fairly regularly, but it's not often that we see substantial discounts on first-party titles, especially the digital versions. The discounts on most of these titles even extend to their Nintendo eShop listings, which will remain on sale until March 13th. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights, whether you’re a fan of tried-and-true platformers or co-op games that are bound to test your friendships.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

$59.9918% off

The keystone Mario title for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, doesn’t disappoint. The latest installment in the Mario franchise brings plenty of fun, new mechanics, and ample charm. Perhaps the most interesting and prevalent twist is Mario’s ability to possess just about anything in the game world, thanks to his new companion, Cappy. Inhabiting creatures and objects isn’t just hilarious — it also plays a big role in solving the Odyssey’s numerous challenges and puzzles.
Super Mario Odyssey is a game with a firm understanding of what the franchise has done well in the past and builds on it in some interesting and unexpected ways. It’s an absolute must for fans of Mario, platformers as a whole, or just about anyone who owns a Switch. Read our review.


That latest Mario release for the Nintendo Switch is a polished version of the Wii U classic, Super Mario 3D World, with a new expansion called Bowser’s Fury, which sees you collecting coins in an archipelago as you skirt, or battle, a kaiju-sized Bowser. At its core, however, both the port and its expansion are clever platformers with plenty of charm, making them an ideal package.
Although it's not the best-looking game by modern standards, the recent remaster also helps showcase the Switch’s more powerful hardware, which allows for better visuals and improved performance over the original. If you never got to experience this keystone title on the Nintendo Wii, this iteration is the definitive way to play this game — not just for the spectacular base game, but for the fantastic expansion as well. Read our review.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Regardless of your opinion of Ubisoft’s Rabbids, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an amazing turn-based strategy game that owes much of its success to games like XCOM and Fire Emblem. Kingdom Battle brings the delightful cast of Mario and Co. into an isometric strategy game with a surprising amount of challenge, even for veterans of the genre.
While the game certainly shares the aesthetics of other Mario titles with its gold coins and Piranha Plants, the similarities end there. While Kingdom Battle doesn’t share the same sprawling meta-strategy layer as its peers, there’s still plenty of depth and nuance to its tactical gameplay. This makes Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle a fun and surprising addition to the genre. Read our review.

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World

$59.9933% off

Yoshi’s Crafted World, in a nutshell, is a yarn-and-cardboard-flavored platformer featuring everyone’s favorite green dinosaur. It’s one of the more charming titles to come from Nintendo, with levels and characters made from everyday objects, and a difficulty that serves as the digital equivalent of a weighted blanket — or in this case, a hand-knit scarf. It’s not the most crushing or inventive title, but many of the levels in Yoshi’s Crafted World introduce new mechanics and wrinkles to keep things fresh as you make your way through a variety of theme-based worlds. There aren’t many games that do exactly what it says on the box, but Yoshi’s Crafted World is definitely one of them. Read our review.

Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party

$59.9950% off

Mario Party is still possibly the best way to settle a dispute out of court — and Super Mario Party remains one of the most attractive and expansive Mario Party titles to date. The popular Switch game features four boards and a staggering collection of 80 mini-games, making it worthwhile even with the release of Mario Party Superstars last year.
For better or worse, it’s important to note that Super Mario Party makes use of the motion controls on the Joy-Con. While this does present the opportunity for some unique and clever minigames, it also means that each player will need their own Joy-Con and wrist strap. Even with its flaws, however, it's tough to deny the charm and nostalgia of Super Mario Party, even amidst the occasional frustration. Read our review.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

$59.9930% off

If you’re into kart racing and love Mario, there’s no better mish-mash of the two than in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Switch. The popular racing title is packed with plenty of courses and characters, and 48 new tracks are set to launch over the next two years as paid DLC. This installment in the Mario Kart franchise is essentially a souped-up version of the original Mario Kart 8 that debuted on the Wii U, with better visuals, performance, and all the DLC from the Wii U version (and then some).
While the basics of this franchise have remained largely the same over its lifetime, Mario Kart 8 represented some of the best improvements the series has seen, and its remastered port only improves on the original with new modes, kart parts, and an adorable cast of drivers.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

$6012% off

A sequel to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Luigi’s Mansion 3 sees players controlling the titular Luigi as he explores a haunted hotel in an effort to rescue his brother and friends. Despite only having text dialogue that's supplemented by jibberish and pantomime, this 3D platforming adventure is surprisingly witty and comical, with plenty of Nintendo’s trademark charm to go around. And while some of the puzzles can be cumbersome and the controls overly complex, there are few games like it. Not nearly enough games star the taller Mario sibling, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 proves that Luigi is more than capable of holding his own. Read our review.


It's like Mario Kart, but for real. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit lets you make your own tracks and zoom around your living room with pint-sized versions of the characters from Mario Kart. Definitely one of the more entertaining ways to terrorize your pets. Read our review.

Games for the Nintendo Switch are clearly the highlights of today's sale, but you can find plenty of deals on various accessories, too. If you’re looking to expand the storage capacity of your Switch, for instance, there are a number of microSD cards on sale from SanDisk, including a 512GB model that is currently discounted at Amazon to $64.99 ($34 off). You can also find a 512GB model from Lexar on sale at Amazon for $61.99, as opposed to its typical price of $94.99. If you can do with less storage, both Lexar and SanDisk offer microSD cards with less storage, the bulk of which are also on sale.


This 512GB model of the Lexar Play represents a solid balance between capacity, price, and performance. Lexar does offer smaller and larger options depending on your budget, but in our experience, consolidating all of your games onto a single card is the way to go.
All models of the Nintendo Switch come equipped with built-in storage — 64GB for the OLED model and vanilla Switch, and 32GB for the Switch Lite — but this space can disappear quickly if you’re planning on primarily playing digital titles. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for instance, takes up a whole 14.4GB of space.

Taking your Switch on the go without a protective case is just asking for trouble. Thankfully, a couple of stylish cases are currently discounted at Best Buy. Right now, you can pick up clamshell cases from RDS Industries that showcase themes from Mario Kart and Super Mario Odyssey for just $9.99, down from their typical price of $19.99. There’s also an exclusive, Mario-themed case available on sale at GameStop for $14.99 ($5 off).


This Mario Kart-themed carrying case is compatible with all models of the Nintendo Switch and includes clamshell cases for eight Switch cartridges inside. The hardened screen cover can also be used to prop up your Switch.


A clamshell case that’s compatible with all models of the Nintendo Switch. It also includes a pair of cases for Switch cartridges and a screen protector that can be used to prop up your device.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is undoubtedly the best way to play Switch games on the big screen. And while the official Pro Controller isn’t currently discounted, PowerA’s Enhanced Wireless Controller for the Switch is discounted right now at Amazon and Best Buy. These controllers are available in a variety of styles with some for as little as $34.99, a solid discount from their usual price of $54.99.


If you’re looking for a third-party alternative to Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller, the PowerA Enhanced Wireless controller is one of your best options. It may not share the same build quality as its first-party counterpart, but it’s less expensive and includes remappable back buttons. Another added benefit is the controller’s Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to pair it with PCs and mobile devices.
PowerA’s controller is also available in a wide variety of eye-catching colorways and designs. Some designs can vary in terms of their availability and price, but the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is a great, budget-conscious alternative to the Switch Pro Controller, especially if you plan to use it with other devices.

Everyone loves a good checkered pattern, right?
Everyone loves a good checkered pattern, right?
Image: Bioworld

If you want to show your allegiance to Mario and company, there are also discounts available on a wealth of fun, Nintendo-themed apparel. Best Buy is offering a pack of seven pairs of Super-Mario-themed socks for $14.99, for instance, which typically run $24.99. GameStop has also discounted a wide variety of hoodies and T-shirts featuring the cast of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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