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The name Google is synonymous with online searches, but over the years the company has grown beyond search and now builds multiple consumer products, including software like Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Android, and hardware like the Pixel smartphones, Google Home, and Chromebooks. Its name can also be found on internet services such as Google Fi, Flights, Checkout, and Google Fiber. Here is all of the latest news about one of the most influential tech companies in the world.

Australia passes law requiring Facebook and Google to pay for news content

Google says it’s working to get ‘Hey Google’ working on Wear OS again

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YouTube’s ‘supervised experiences’ help parents choose what content their kids can see

Qualcomm’s new partnership aims to improve haptic feedback on Android devices


Google Maps finally rolls out dark mode on Android

Stadia’s next exclusive is PixelJunk Raiders, releasing March 1st

Google is expanding its Password Checkup tool to older devices

Google has now patched Journey to the Savage Planet, though its studio is no more

Facebook brings back news after Australian government amends upcoming law

Google has finally added iOS’s privacy labels to Gmail

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Google fires second AI ethics researcher following internal investigation

Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru, co-leads of the ethical AI team, have now both been terminated