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Google Assistant

Google Assistant may have come after Amazon introduced Alexa into the world, but it’s rapidly making up for lost time. The voice assistant from the search giant is available on everything from your phone to headphones, to smart speakers and even TVs. With over 1 million “Actions” and a rapidly expanding list of supported devices, Google’s smart assistant will soon be everywhere.

Google is taking sign-ups for Relate, a voice assistant that recognizes impaired speech

Google removes its algorithmic ‘Your News Update’ from Assistant

Google TV is adding personalized profiles and watchlists soon

Sonos says Google is blocking it from offering more than one voice assistant at once

Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can now show visual responses and the UI in Spanish

Google’s Fuchsia OS is rolling out to every first-gen Nest Hub

Google’s Nest Hubs will warn users about nearby pollution and smoke

Google’s new Nest cameras and doorbell have lower prices and more smarts

Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows 11 with Amazon’s Appstore

Matter is the new name of Project CHIP, the partnership that promises to simplify your smart home

Google Assistant will sing you a song about getting vaccinated

Google is trying to make Assistant more useful for your family this Mother’s Day

You’ll soon be able to teach Google Assistant how to pronounce names

Google’s Guacamole may be premature, but it sounds ripe to become an Android feature

"Skip saying ‘Hey Google’ for help with quick tasks"

Google Assistant can now help order takeout from restaurants online

Google’s AI reservation service Duplex is now available in 49 states

Fiat made a ‘Hey Google’ car

Google is testing Memory, an upgrade for Assistant to “save and find everything”

Google’s new Nest Hub tells you how well you slept last night

The latest Nest Hub leverages Soli technology to measure your sleep patterns

Google Workspace picks up new features designed for remote work

Apple TV app now available on the latest Google Chromecast

Google’s weather frog spotted on smart displays

These great-sounding Master & Dynamic earbuds are $80 off at Best Buy

JBL’s speaker-packed Google Nest Hub alternative is $220 off

Google is adding a ‘Guest Mode’ to its smart speakers

You can now use Google Assistant features with more wired headphones

Google adds Apple Music support to Assistant smart speakers and displays

Google Assistant can now be used to schedule your smart lights

Google Assistant coming to Samsung TVs in 12 countries by year end

Google updates Assistant and Fi with family-oriented features

Acer’s Halo is a Google Assistant smart speaker with LEDs

Google Assistant smart displays are getting dark mode and multiple account support