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Google I/O 2022

Google I/O has been fairly quiet the last few years as Google’s big developer conference has been entirely virtual. But this year feels like it will be different. Google’s expected to release a lot of hardware this year and we could be getting some very cool teases, or even actual announcements, including for a rumored Pixel Watch, Pixel 6a, and possibly even the Pixel 7.

The Google Pixel Watch needs a good chip, but which?

Vergecast: Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Google I/O 2022

With its Pixel Watch and tablet, Google is getting serious about its own ecosystem

Google’s AR translation glasses: it’s really not that simple

It’s good to dream, but Google Translate has its own core challenges

The Pixel 6A loses the A-series’ best feature

Google updates Android Auto to better fit all the different sized touchscreens in cars today

Here’s why Google highlighting KakaoTalk on Wear OS 3 matters

After roasting Apple about headphone jacks, Google quietly dumps it from Pixel 6A

Google’s ‘premium’ Pixel Tablet sure doesn’t look very premium

This is Google’s 2023 iPad competitor?

How the new Pixel Buds Pro measure up to Google’s A-Series earbuds

The Pixel 6A includes Google’s Tensor chipset and costs $449

Here’s how the Google Pixel 6A compares to its biggest competitors

Here’s when you can preorder Google’s new devices

Google shows off AR glasses that might make a case for augmented reality


Google’s biggest announcements at I/O 2022

All the Pixels

Pixel by Pixel: how Google is trying to focus and ship the future

Making ambient computing happen is forcing Google to change how it does everything

Google finally announces the Pixel Watch

Google’s Pixel team is making an Android tablet

Here’s an early look at the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro coming this fall

Google’s new Pixel Buds Pro come with noise cancellation and long battery life

Google Chrome is getting built-in virtual credit cards

Google’s vision for Android 13 is to offer a little more of everything

More Material You, more customizability, more security features

Google pitches for user trust with expanded privacy controls

Google’s trying to fix your crappy webcam with great AI

Google is using a new way to measure skin tones to make search results more inclusive

Google is beta testing its AI future

After mistakes and challenges, the company is moving a little slower with AI language models

Google says its new image search features are like ‘Ctrl+F for the world around you’

Google will let you talk to Assistant on the Nest Hub Max just by looking at the screen

Google Maps’ new ‘Immersive View’ combines Street View with satellites

Google I/O 2022 keynote live blog

This stream has:

Google I/O 2022: everything coming out of the online developers conference

How to watch Google I/O 2022