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When Google spun off its self-driving car project in 2016 as a separate company called Waymo, the auto world took notice. Since then, Waymo has led the pack of autonomous vehicle developers, setting the stage for what could be a massive transformation in personal mobility. The company was among the first to deploy fully driverless cars, and it has its sights set on ride-hailing and freight hauling as its commercial pursuits. Waymo’s position at the top of the technological hierarchy will tell us whether self-driving cars are truly transformative or just a passing fad.

Waymo will no longer sell its ‘Laser Bear Honeycomb’ lidar sensors to other companies

Waymo starts offering autonomous rides in San Francisco

Waymo is building a hub for its autonomous trucks in Texas

Welcome to Simulation City, the virtual world where Waymo tests its autonomous vehicles

Waymo raises $2.5 billion in second external funding round

Waymo teams up with trucker JB Hunt on autonomous freight hauling in Texas

A driverless Waymo got stuck in traffic and then tried to run away from its support crew

The autonomous vehicle world is shrinking — it’s overdue

‘The AV industry has promised too much for too long, and has delivered too little’

Google banks big in Alphabet’s post-pandemic-peak Q1 2021 earnings

Waymo is disclosing more autonomous vehicle data for research purposes

Waymo simulated real-world crashes to prove its self-driving cars can prevent deaths

Waymo and Cruise dominated autonomous testing in California in the first year of the pandemic

Waymo says it’s ditching the term ‘self-driving’ in dig at Tesla

Robotaxis get the green light for paid rides in California

Waymo moved its self-driving cars in San Francisco to a ‘secured location’ in case of election chaos

Waymo pulls back the curtain on 6.1 million miles of self-driving car data in Phoenix

Waymo and Daimler are teaming up to build fully driverless semi trucks

Waymo will allow more people to ride in its fully driverless vehicles in Phoenix

Former Google exec Anthony Levandowski sentenced to 18 months for stealing self-driving car secrets

Waymo is designing a self-driving Ram delivery van with FCA

Volvo will use Waymo’s self-driving technology to power a fleet of electric robotaxis

Waymo’s robot minivans are ready to roll in the Bay Area for the first time since COVID-19 outbreak

Waymo’s first external fundraising round just grew to $3 billion

As Waymo resumes self-driving tests, backup drivers are still worried about the virus

Self-driving car engineer Anthony Levandowski pleads guilty to stealing Google trade secrets

Coronavirus shows there’s still no such thing as a totally human-free self-driving car

Waymo pausing some robotaxi service after safety drivers raise coronavirus concerns

Waymo drivers say they’re being discouraged from canceling robotaxi rides amid coronavirus

Waymo’s next-generation self-driving system can ‘see’ a stop sign 500 meters away

This cheerful Waymo ad highlights all the ways we’ll use self-driving cars in our daily lives

Waymo rakes in $2.25 billion in self-driving unit’s first external fundraising

This tweet reminded me that driverless cars can still blow our minds