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    Samsung Galaxy Note hands-on preview

    Samsung Galaxy Note hands-on preview

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    The 5.3-inch Galaxy Note is large and in charge at IFA today. We've gotten to grips with one of the very first units and you can find the hands-on gallery (and now video!) right after the break.

    Samsung is well known for its amazing mobile displays by now, but we're not sure we've seen anything as amazing as the Galaxy Note's display. It's not just the high pixel density or Super AMOLED's great brightness and viewing angles, but the colors are some of the truest we've ever seen from Samsung. Although, if there's ever a criticism for AMOLED displays, it's that they can be a little too colorful, straying into the realm of oversaturation. Still, our jaw is on the floor.

    The pen works as advertised. It's very light, and the pressure sensitivity is pretty basic -- this won't replace your Wacom. Still, it works, and we're glad you can stash the pen away when you're not using it, and, unlike HTC's Flyer, you can freely interchange finger and pen input in all the apps we tried.

    Performance-wise, we're still unsure. There are certainly more responsive Android phones on the market, but for as many pixels as the Note is pushing in this form factor, we'd say it's doing pretty well. Some actions had a very slight lag, like scrolling a web page or swiping the home screen, but after that momentary pause, the device would catch up and everything would be smooth as butter.

    Update: We've now got video after the break!

    Samsung Galaxy Note hands-on photos