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All future Android versions to be optimized for Intel as well as ARM; Medfield-based tablet and phone teased

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At Intel's Developer Forum, Google's Andy Rubin just appeared on stage to confirm that Google and Intel will be continuing their partnership. Expanding it, even, as Rubin announced that all future versions of Android would include optimizations for Intel silicon - from the core of the OS up to multimedia. So to catch up: today we saw Microsoft tout Windows 8 running on ARM processors and we saw Google tout Android running on Intel processors. Yes, we got the order right there.

Intel took the opportunity to tease an Android tablet and phone both running on the Medfield chip. Both appeared to be prototypes (and no manufacturer was named), but Intel promised we'd see phones running on Intel chips in "early 2012." Intel also showed off "Intel Pair & Share" software, which will allows users to get notifications and sync media on their computers.

After the break: a video of Rubin's announcement and more photos from the event -- including another shot of the tablet and one of the phone.

Update: More photos of the tablet prototype, built by Intel as a "reference design," have been added to the gallery!

Update 2: One more picture added to the gallery to show the NFC logo on the back of Intel's Android tablet prototype, which CarryPad just noticed.

Source: Intel