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Google Glass's killer app may be cyborg golf

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Google Glass (STOCK)
Google Glass (STOCK)

While the future of Google Glass is still coming into focus, one particular use case may be emerging as the platform's killer app: golf. The centuries-old game of whacking balls into tiny holes across large expanses of grass, while avoiding trees, bodies of water, and sand, is a lot more interesting with a tiny computer strapped to your face, says Luke Kerr-Dinnen over at Golf Digest. Kerr-Dinnen recently took Glass for an outing to a local New York golf course with GolfSight, an app that uses GPS to give you real time information of where you are to the hole, along with technical details for some 25,000 courses worldwide.

"The future of golf."

"As I stood there hitting balls into the Chelsea Piers driving range, with exact yardages to the front, middle and back of every green in sight and barely noticing I was wearing a computer at all, I was struck by how clear it was that this, or some close variation of it, really was the future of golf," Kerr-Dinnen gushes. Google might have thought the same thing, because GolfSight was one of the early apps to be shown off on Glass, ahead of the company's app-development kit at an event last month. The tech is not without its flaws though. Kerr-Dinnen notes that battery life and storage for clips of gameplay were both limited, and he still got some odd stares from other golfers. "It's not that Glass is unattractive," he says, but "people will look at it."