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New Google Tips is surprisingly helpful

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Google has launched Google Tips, a site which uses clickable cards to explain the features and capabilities of Google's biggest products. The cards explain concepts such as sharing photos with specific people in Google+ circles, synchronizing Android smartphone contacts to a Google account, and using YouTube's video editing tools.

Card descriptions are written in colloquial English: photos are to be "spiffed up," YouTube can be played "like a jukebox." Clicking on one takes you to a simple walkthrough, estimating how long the process will take, and detailing the "stuff you'll need" to complete the task. In almost every case, the first step is signing up for — or logging in to — a Google account. By using this kind of friendly and non-threatening language in its advice, Google Tips may be able to drive sign-ups from people who've previously seen the company as little more than the provider of the world's de facto search engine.